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Motivation VS Inspiration

What do you know about Motivation? How about your Inspiration?

I been working as a Customer Service Representative for over three years now. And I can say that I love the kind of work that I have, great environment, salary, and most importantly, the people  around me. 

I attended one of the coaching/motivational speech of our Operations Manager and this is the lesson that I got from him.

He asked me, what is the difference between Motivation and Inspiration? Yes, you can simply explain what motivation is.. and what Inspiration is all about. But really? How will you define it.

According to him, Motivation is the key for success. This are the reason why you are coming to work everyday. Before you start complaining about your job, how irate your customer is, or feel like quiting.. think about your Motivation. Your motivation can be your family. Dreaming of having a house and lot, cars, or travelling to Maldives. These are your long term goals. 

Inspiration is your short term goals. Your Inspiration can be your Team Leaders, team mates, or the hottest guy in your office. This can also help for you to go to work everyday, but at the end of the day these can be all gone. Your Team Leader might handle different teams, the hottest guy might leave the company.. but, if you have your Motivations.. you still have reasons to come to work everyday! 

Be motivated everyday! be inspired! 



I want to inspire folks by sharing my everyday life, activities, thoughts and dreams. Some of the photos and ideas are not mine, these are the things that I learned from my day to day living. If you find the page helpful and creative, please click on follow. I will appreciate if you leave comments and feedback to enhance my blog. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Motivation VS Inspiration

  1. This is Fantastic! I totally agree with everything you said. Thank you forgiving us the idea about Motivation and Inspiration. Will definitely keep this in mind. Please keep on making blogs. Love lots ❤


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